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AOP Advanced Cloud Services

Welcome to the Beta Test Program for ACS

AOP would like your feedback regarding the new Advanced Cloud Services computing infrastructure.

Host Websites | Store & Backup Data | Develop Apps | Connect Remote Workers | Protect Valuable Data | And More...

Our Approach to IaaS

Customizable Instances

ACS allows you the flexibility and freedom to build and customize your instance as you please. Your instance, your design.

Automated Nightly Snapshots

Your data is valuable to us. With our fully automated snapshot system, you can access any save point or revert at any time.

No Data Ingress/Egress Fees

Unlike competitors, ACS does not charge you for moving data in or out of the cloud. Feel free to handle your data as you like.

Better Margins by Lowering Costs

ACS offers the same power at a lower cost compared to leading competitors and eliminates on-site server costs. This means more money in your pocket.

Comprehensive Service from Pros

We hire the best and keep our team here in the US (specifically in Lake Charles, LA). We also help businesses with IT, printing, and managed services

Freedom and Flexibility

We want you to use ACS how you'd like so we don't set arbitrary rules or ingress/egress charges. Simply build the instance you want and use it how you see fit.

Beta tester rewards

Win One of 50 Prize Boxes or 1 Year of ACS Free

Winners will be chosen at random from Beta participants who complete the Beta feedback survey.



ACS Plans

Test ACS with One of Our Pre-set Plans


General-purpose VM. Great for small tasks


  • 2vCPU
  • 4vRAM
  • 85GB Disk Space

$0 Linux / $0 Windows

Begin Beta

Designed for small applications, i.e. web servers


  • 4vCPU
  • 8vRAM
  • 85GB Disk Space

$0 Linux / $0 Windows

Begin Beta

For businesses that need high-performance computing


  • 16vCPU
  • 32vRAM
  • 185GB Disk Space

$0 Linux / $0 Windows

Begin Beta

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