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Fast, Reliable Fiber Internet for Louisiana

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A fiber network that helps your business grow


Your business is online. AOP’s network is built underground so it’s protected from the volatile weather of Louisiana.


Speed is vital in business. That’s why we have no data caps, no throttling, only high-speed performance for your business.


Grow your business and your network. We’ve designed our network so it can easily scale with your business.


We want you to succeed. We keep our costs low to help your business thrive. When you choose AOP, you get a partner for success.

Limitless fiber with symmetrical upload and download speeds

We ensure you have the service you need at the speed you need. With AOP fiber internet you get symmetrical upload and download speeds without any data caps or throttling.

Ideal for homes, home offices, and small businesses

Great for multiple users, streaming video and audio, and working from home.

Ideal for gaming or small to medium-sized businesses

Exclusive to AOP, ideal for homes or offices that demand high bandwidth.

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Customized plans available for large businesses

Individually crafted plans for businesses with specific operational needs.

Speeds up to 77x faster than cable internet

Fiber internet Louisiana can count on

Weather-Proof Internet

With AOP Fiber, you get a safe, secure and reliable network protected from the elements. Our networks are buried underground to shield your connection from Louisiana weather.

Pair easily with other services

When paired with AOP’s ACS, backups occur in real-time without network delays or internet throttling. Bandwidth heavy processes can now run simultaneously so you can get more done, faster.

Partner with a dedicated local provider

Within the local area of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, solutions happen quicker and with more reliable service. We care about our community and provide exceptional customer service for our local partners.

Fast local internet with metro ring

Metro ring is a fiber ring that circles each city AOP Fiber is in and offers faster local speeds vs normal internet-only speeds. Data is transmitted to ACS and any other metro connection customer at speeds up to 40G.

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