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Total HIPAA policy and procedure refresh annually with just a couple of clicks.

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Automate Your Annual Policies and Procedures

We call our Managed HIPAA Compliance software The Guard because it protects you from fines and audits due to non-compliance. You must update your HIPAA policies and procedures every 12 months, but many medical professionals find this process too laborious. That’s why we automated it with our secure software.

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HIPAA Compliant PDFs at the Ready

The Guard software walks you through a list of questions and automates PDF documents with your policies and procedures at the scheduled 12-month intervals the law requires, and with the best cybersecurity. Your documents are digital so you can access them anytime, anywhere in case of an emergency.

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Access to HIPAA Compliance Attorneys

Our proprietary software comes from hours of consultation with some of the best HIPAA compliance attorneys available. And as a part of the service, we make these attorneys available to our clients to answer your questions and reassure you that you’re covered once you download our automated PDFs from The Guard software.

Automate your HIPAA Compliance

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What makes AOP's HIPAA compliance services unique

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Don’t Wait Until You Face a Problem to Update Policies

Once you have a HIPAA breach on your hands, it’s too late to update your policies and procedures. And if you’re digging through the file cabinets in your office looking for a binder with your policies, you’re losing precious time. We help you take a proactive and preventative approach to your HIPAA compliance.

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Affordable Annual Program for HIPAA Compliance

One small breach of patient data, such as leaving a visit summary in view at the front desk and having one other patient see it, could cost you $250,000. Do not take this risk! The Guard is much more affordable and removes the need for consuming staff time to update your policies annually.

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Backed by HIPAA Compliance Attorneys

We couldn’t offer a software designed for HIPAA compliance without heavy involvement with HIPAA compliance attorneys. We hired the best so that we can confidently say that the policies and procedures The Guard automates are compliant. When you work with AOP, you’ll see we’re quite thorough in everything we do.

What Our Clients Say

In addition to providing excellent IT services, hosting, and business solutions, AOP Inc is dedicated to providing outstanding experiences for our clients.

"I can’t imagine why a business would prefer one provider for managed IT and another for the office equipment when they can have one for both. There was a time when one provider for both was not an option. Then came AOP. Not only do they have the area’s only Fortune 500 model network but they sell and service everything we need. They are the region’s only “one-stop-shop”. They have helped us tremendously. They have my complete trust and recommendation."


"Like many businesses, we’ve had our share of network and equipment issues. When AOP approached us about their business solutions I was skeptical. They said, “when we’re done you’ll want to know what you did without us”. They installed new equipment in our office and gave us a managed network solution that fit us perfectly. They were right. Our network issues are a thing of the past. AOP did all they promised. I wholeheartedly recommend my friends at AOP."

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"Helped us save over 50% in our document process, and helped track our expenses and billing."

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"Friendly and timely service for a competitive price."

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented IT engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Congress passed the act in 1996 to protect health information and reduce fraud and abuse. The law sets forth standards for securing information, electronic billing, and other practices where sensitive health information could be vulnerable. HIPAA protects the confidentiality of patient health information (PHI).

Covered entities and their business associates must comply with HIPAA. HHS has a list of covered entities that include health care providers and pharmacies, health plans and clearinghouses that house private health information. Business associates are those businesses that work with covered entities and could have access to their sensitive data, such as AOP offering IT services to a covered entity. That’s why our team undergoes rigorous HIPAA training to ensure we’re prepared to handle sensitive health information.

Being in compliance with HIPAA means your organization has completed the necessary work to meet HIPAA’s Security Rule. And, your organization has policies and procedures that address the various elements of HIPAA laws and document what to do in case of a PHI breach. Your team meets the requirements for ongoing HIPAA training and enforces all rules related to HIPAA.

Protected health information is any information that could be used to identify an individual as it relates to that person’s past, present or future health. Health information might include diagnoses, medical test results, treatment information, prescription information as well as demographic information. Demographic information includes a person’s date of birth, ethnicity, gender, contact information, etc.

Covered entities and their business associates must safeguard protected health information from reasonably anticipated PHI security threats. You must have confidentiality policies and do all that you can to keep your patients’ data secure. That’s where The Guard software managed service from AOP is so crucial. We’ll ensure you update your policies and procedures at the required 12-month intervals and give you searchable digital documents you can access from anywhere in case of an emergency.

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