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Allow us to make your vision come to life with web-based software application development.

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From a Blank Slate to Operational Web Applications

All you need to bring us is the goal of your web-based application. Truly, we handle the rest. Some development companies require wireframes, intended functionality and more before initiating a project. We can walk you through all of that to take your idea and make it a reality.

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Always Custom, Never Templated

When we say we take your idea from a blank slate to an operational web application, we mean we build it from the ground up. Your software is then completely customized to your business’s needs to build efficiencies and solve operational challenges.

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Solutions for Business Challenges

Operating a business comes with many challenges and web-based applications can help solve these challenges. We can create web-hosted databases that streamline processes, put data at your employees’ fingertips, offers reporting on various business functions, etc.




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What makes AOP unique

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All the Rights Without All the Work

When we develop your web-based application software, we turn over all the rights to you. Our team does all the work and development on the application but once it’s complete, it’s all yours to do with how you please, even to resell it to other customers.

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Your Flexible Application Development Team

AOP has a team of experts to modernize your applications or build them from scratch. We invest heavily in ongoing training and development for our team so that everything we do utilizes modern technology and meets the highest security standards and modern IT requirements. You won’t find any outdated software designs here.

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Application Development for Ease of Use and Interoperability

Siloed applications and systems cause more operational headaches than they solve. We know that, which is why we’ll walk through your interoperability needs to build web-based applications that are easy to use and connect to other services and software as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented IT engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

Web app development is the production of an application program that can be accessed through a network such as a web browser.

Web app design focuses on the visual appearance of the web application. The design stage of creating a web application includes the consideration of the user interface (UI) in which the user is active and the user experience (UX), which evaluates the feel of the website by the user.

Web-based-software applications are a great business tool for numerous reasons. Web-based systems are available anywhere, allowing for easy access. It is easy to collaborate and share data on a web-based system, and they are secure as entry can be restricted to only those who need it.

No – AOP creates the entire web-based application, from beginning to end. All we need is your goal of the application, and we can work from there to make your idea a reality.

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Have a Project?

Click the link below to request a quote from the AOP team. We offer custom tailored solutions and plans for your business needs.

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