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AOP Fiber Internet is Coming to Your Area

Finally, you can stream, browse, and play with the fastest internet. AOP Fiber Internet delivers speeds up to 5 Gbps.

Why AOP Fiber Internet

Locally owned, based in Lake Charles

No annual contracts

No rate hikes after 12 months

No equipment fees


Join the network that is locally owned and investing in Louisiana.

The Fastest Internet Plans Available in Calcasieu and Jeff Davis

AOP fiber internet offers more than enough bandwidth for your entire household. With 500 Mgbs, 1, 2, and 5 gig plans, we have an option for any budget and family size.


( starts at $79/month )

Get started with the most affordable fiber internet plan.

500 Mbps fiber plans are faster than standard cable internet and are virtually weatherproof.  Keep gaming with friends and streaming your favorite shows with our most affordable fiber internet plan.


( starts at $89/month )

Faster speeds for tech-savvy households

1 Gbps speeds are 10x to 50x faster than the average cable internet connection. These speeds allow you to experience HD video and audio, online gaming, and other internet-based activities without delays.


Starts at $169/month

Choose 5 Gbps for the fastest speeds available.

5 Gbps is the fastest internet available in the country. AOP fiber internet with 5 Gbps speeds provides a futureproof solution for anything that the internet has to offer.

Speeds up to 77x faster than cable internet

Internet Service You Can Count on

AOP is a leading home internet services provider with over 30 years of experience serving customers in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas.


By partnering with ConnectLA, we are able to extend our fiber network to include communities in Calcasieu and Jeff Davis that need and deserve quality internet.

Here is why Louisiana loves AOP Fiber Internet.


AOP fiber internet offers the speeds needed for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Enjoy lower latency thanks to faster speeds for a more responsive online gaming experience.

Multiple Users

Choose an internet service that can keep up with your household. AOP fiber internet allows you to stream HD video seamlessly from multiple devices, so everyone in the family stays happy.

Work From Home

AOP fiber internet is the perfect solution for working from home. Our high-speed internet provides plenty of speed for all your office and productivity tools, including video conferencing software such as Zoom and Skype.


Stop worrying about a storm knocking out the internet. AOP fiber uses lines buried underground to protect our network from severe Louisiana weather.

Metro Ring

Metro ring allows us to ensure superior local internet speeds throughout the cities that we cover. A large fiber ring circles each city, increasing the reliability and performance of our network.

How Does it Work?

At AOP, we make it easy to switch to us as your chosen home internet services provider:

1. Pick a Plan That Matches Your Needs

Choose a fiber internet plan that works for you. All three plans offer tremendous value and faster speeds compared to cable internet and DSL.

2. Schedule Installation and Setup

Choose a time to allow our technicians to install and set up your new fiber internet service.

3. Start Browsing the Internet at Faster Speeds

After connecting the hardware and activating your service, you can start testing our blazing fast internet connections for yourself.

Fiber Step 1

Contact AOP for fiber internet in your area today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented IT engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

Fiber internet is a type of broadband connection that can deliver speeds up to 50 times faster than regular cable internet and 100 times faster than DSL. AOP fiber internet is powered by fiber optic cables buried underground throughout the cities that we serve.

All three plans offer superior speeds compared to other internet services but choosing a higher speed can ensure better performance for specific situations.

Households with multiple users, video bloggers, and gamers that simultaneously stream and play games benefit from faster internet speeds, such as the speeds provided by our 2 Gb and 5 Gb plans.

AOP offers straightforward pricing with no surprises or hidden fees. Our high-speed fiber internet plans start at just $90 per month. 

Our pricing is completely transparent. We do not charge additional equipment fees or increase the price after 12 months.

Yes, we have a variety of plans tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses in Lake Charles and beyond. Our business plans provide scalable, reliable internet solutions for growing your business. As with our residential services, our business services include the fastest speeds available.

Of course! Everyone who fills out the form will be contacted when service is available in their area.

If you regularly upload or download large files or have a large household, you may notice slower connections during peak hours when using cable internet. AOP Fiber Internet eliminates slowdowns so you can continue to enjoy your favorite online activities.

Download speeds impact how quickly you can download content, such as when you watch TV or movies using a streaming service or read an email. Upload speeds impact how quickly you can upload content, such as posting to social media, uploading a video to YouTube, joining a teleconferencing meeting, or playing an online game.

Fiber optic cables contain strands of glass fibers shielded with an insulated casing. Light signals ricochet through the strands, allowing data to be transmitted at up to 70% the speed of light. Miles of these cables are buried throughout Lake Charles and other cities in Louisiana.

We are building the network right now and may already be in your neighborhood! Once you fill out the form on this page, AOP's staff will check the current service areas and send you an email letting you know. 

Fiber internet and Wi-Fi are two separate technologies. Fiber internet is a broadband internet connection that connects your household to the outside world via the world wide web. Setting up a Wi-Fi gateway in your home allows Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to your fiber internet service.

AOP is a local service provider (#Lousianastrong) with years of experience serving residents throughout the great state of Louisiana. No other home internet services provider in the region offers greater speeds, reliability, or protection against inclement weather.

Request a quote for fiber internet today!

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