Managed Network Security Services

A fully managed solution that provides 24/7 network monitoring and security.

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Total Network Security Management

Our team can augment your current network security team or serve as your only network security team. It’s completely up to you. Use your network and we can maintain the firewalls, routers, computer antivirus software, etc. Or, we can do it all and be your total managed network provider.

Managed Network Service

Catching Viruses and Malware at the Firewall

It is a common belief that putting antivirus software on all computers is all you need to do to protect your network. In reality, once a virus makes it to a computer, it’s on your network. We take a proactive approach to warding off viruses and malware at the firewall, protecting your entire network.

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Cellular Internet Backup

Businesses rely on good internet coverage. So when outages happen, you can lose productivity time and potential sales. For companies who use AOP’s Managed Network Security Services, we set up a cellular internet backup so that even during an internet outage, you keep working.

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What makes AOP's managed security services unique?

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Total Security Protection

We’re vigilant in doing all the ongoing maintenance and security updates necessary to protect your network. Network security is not a one-and-done process. After setup, you have to do the continuous work necessary to keep it secure. Our experts will monitor everything and look out for your business as if it was our own.

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Fully Managed

A firewall can protect and secure your business from most viruses and malware. But with time, a lack of maintenance will catch up with you. Viruses, hackers, and the harmful techniques they use to breach your system will adapt over time. If you're not adapting to them, you'll be left vulnerable.

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Reliable Proactive Protection

24/7 network security monitoring to prevent threats. We’ll update your firewall rules on an ongoing basis, provide web content filtering on every device, and block threats before they reach your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented IT engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

If you don't see an answer to your questions below please reach out to our support experts.

Network security focuses on putting preventative measures in place to protect your business network from unauthorized access, hacking or misuse. Network security includes prevention, detection, and reaction to threats against your network. The purpose of managed network security is to protect your business from harm.

One of the largest challenges facing businesses when it comes to network security is finding and hiring experts with in-depth knowledge about security. That’s why hiring a team of cyber security experts can be a more affordable and effective method than seeking in-house resources.

No, effective network security works behind the scenes. Your employees won’t even notice some of the security measures our team puts in place for you. But you will notice how protected your network and its data are.

Most businesses rely heavily on their internet connection to operate their business. So when the power goes out or your internet service provider experiences an outage, you’re left with lost productivity until the issue is resolved. AOP offers its managed network security services clients a cellular internet backup option so you can keep working and never even know there was a power outage.

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