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Managed Cloud Hosting

Our public, private, or hybrid cloud-hosted networks offer speed and reliability.

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Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers by AOP Fully Managed Services

How exactly can cloud computing help my business function more efficiently?


What makes AOP unique

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Public Cloud

Host your network entirely on our public cloud. It’s fast, reliable and one of only about 20 cloud hosting networks nationwide. Because we’re not one of the giants like Microsoft or Amazon, we can customize this experience to meet your cloud hosting needs.

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Private Cloud

A private cloud is a platform built on a group of physical servers that will only be used for your business. This group of servers can be located in our data-center or on your business premise. This large group of servers offers your business memory, storage and processing when you need it.

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Hybrid of Both Public and Private

The AOP team can create a hybrid network that takes advantage of both public and private cloud. In this case, we create a replica of your private cloud and our public cloud so that it mirrors it perfectly. If your server or hardware crashes, the public cloud automatically kicks in to keep you operable.

Dashboards that are Easy to Use

Our Cloud features are readily configurable and easy to navigate. Our team has streamlined the user experience and interface.

What makes AOP hosting unique

Besides... our top level performance, support, security, experience, and dedicated monitoring?
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You Have Challenges, We Have Hosting Solutions

We hired the best of the best to work at AOP so that we can solve any cloud network challenge you’re facing. The great benefit of working with AOP is we provide consultation to learn your challenges and create a solution. Massive cloud companies generally only have tiered programs to choose from.

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We Are Agile and Evolving

How you build your cloud network solutions today might need to grow and expand your performance a few years down the road as your business grows. We’re an agile team ready to meet your growing hosting and needs and adapt right alongside your business.

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Capitalizing on the Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud

We’re the server people who can make just about any solution you’re looking for. Capitalizing on the benefits of hosting for both public and private cloud networks is smart and we make it a reality. You don’t have to settle for one or the other when you work with AOP's fully managed cloud.

Flawless Track Record 


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Public Cloud

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Private Cloud


Hybrid Cloud


What Our Clients Say

In addition to providing excellent managed network services, fiber internet, and cloud business solutions, AOP Inc is dedicated to providing outstanding experiences for our clients.

I can’t imagine why a business would prefer one provider for managed IT and another for the office equipment when they can have one for both. There was a time when one provider for both was not an option. Then came AOP. Not only do they have the area’s only Fortune 500 model network but they sell and service everything we need. They are the region’s only “one-stop-shop”. They have helped us tremendously. They have my complete trust and recommendation.


Like many businesses, we’ve had our share of network and equipment issues. When AOP approached us about their business solutions I was skeptical. They said, “when we’re done you’ll want to know what you did without us”. They installed new equipment in our office and gave us a managed network solution that fit us perfectly. They were right. Our network issues are a thing of the past. AOP did all they promised. I wholeheartedly recommend my friends at AOP.

Craig D.

Helped us save over 50% in our document process, and helped track our expenses and billing.

Todd W.

Friendly and timely service for a competitive price.

Jennifer D.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented IT engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

Cloud hosting uses various servers to balance your data’s load, offering improved uptime. Traditional hosting generally involves using a single server on-premises. When things go wrong, this can mean greater risk, longer downtimes and total loss of access to your network. 

Cloud hosting is flexible and offers improved bandwidth for your organization. Additionally, cloud hosting scales to meet your changing needs, such as spikes in traffic or seasonal adjustments. Because you’re working from various servers instead of just one, the network is more reliable and any hardware failures won’t leave you with costly downtime.

Public clouds offer a shared infrastructure with other hosting organizations. However, with a public cloud, your data is still kept hidden and secure from other cloud customers. AOP's public cloud is one of only about 20 providers nationwide. Because of our size and agility, we can offer flexible cloud hosting options to meet your needs.

Our dedicated team of network specialists are there when you need us and are all stationed right here in the U.S. We take time to explain things to you and look for proactive ways to protect your network and keep your business running smoothly.

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