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Managed Network Solutions

Your IT department just without taking up your office space!

Our managed network and IT services provide holistic solutions aimed at refining your organization's technological framework, bolstering efficiency, and fortifying cybersecurity measures. Prioritizing reliability, scalability, and cost-efficiency, we equip businesses with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of modern digital operations effectively.

Run a network that helps your business grow!

Proactive Security Measures

Continuous threat monitoring and vulnerability assessments to robust security protocols and employee training initiatives, we prioritize security at every level to safeguard your sensitive data and intellectual property from emerging cyber threats.


Innovation and Futureproofing

Stay ahead of the technological curve and future-proof your IT environment with AOP's managed IT services, designed to foster innovation and agility within your organization. 


Strategic IT Consulting and Planning

Gain strategic insights and maximize the value of your IT investments with AOP's dedicated team of IT consultants, offering tailored guidance and planning services to align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives. 



Leveraging the power of AOPs, companies can enjoy a significant reduction in IT overheads, thanks to the elimination of the need for in-house network management teams.

Network Services

Explore AOP's extensive array of managed network services, meticulously crafted to optimize your network infrastructure while mitigating operational complexities. Our offerings encompass proactive network monitoring utilizing cutting-edge technologies, robust security management solutions including intrusion detection and threat intelligence, as well as scalable infrastructure deployments tailored to your organization's growth trajectory and technological requirements.

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Managed Network Security

Managed Network Security

Navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats with confidence through AOP's comprehensive managed network security solutions, meticulously engineered to safeguard your digital assets and protect against evolving threats. Our suite of services encompasses proactive threat detection and response, leveraging advanced security technologies such as AI-driven anomaly detection and behavior analytics to fortify your network perimeter and defend against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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Request a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about our Managed Network Services. See how flexible our plans are and how skilled our team is.

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What makes AOP unique

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Dedicated, Experienced Team of Professionals

Each member of our team is carefully selected because they're the best of the best. That means we prevent the majority of network problems and solve issues in less time, providing you better outcomes with less hassle.

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Faster Response & Turnaround Times

When our team works on your network, we implement solutions the way they were designed to be implemented. This means you’ll experience less downtime and find yourself calling us less than other managed network partners.

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Flexible Plans to Meet Your Budget

Every network is different and so are their your needs. AOP offers custom plans for our Managed Network Services. We can do it all or handle only specific areas of your network support. We know you might want to handle aspects of your ongoing network maintenance or you might have budgetary limits.

What Our Clients Say

In addition to providing excellent managed network services, fiber internet, and cloud business solutions, AOP Inc is dedicated to providing outstanding experiences for our clients.

I can’t imagine why a business would prefer one provider for managed IT and another for the office equipment when they can have one for both. There was a time when one provider for both was not an option. Then came AOP. Not only do they have the area’s only Fortune 500 model network but they sell and service everything we need. They are the region’s only “one-stop-shop”. They have helped us tremendously. They have my complete trust and recommendation.


Like many businesses, we’ve had our share of network and equipment issues. When AOP approached us about their business solutions I was skeptical. They said, “when we’re done you’ll want to know what you did without us”. They installed new equipment in our office and gave us a managed network solution that fit us perfectly. They were right. Our network issues are a thing of the past. AOP did all they promised. I wholeheartedly recommend my friends at AOP.

Craig D.

Helped us save over 50% in our document process, and helped track our expenses and billing.

Todd W.

Friendly and timely service for a competitive price.

Jennifer D.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented network engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

Managed network services include managing networking applications, monitoring the network, and ensuring it is operating well. Hiring out help with managing your network can help free up time for your IT team to focus on other areas of your business or augment a small in-house team.

Hiring a managed network services provider can provide cost-reductions while adding expertise that is hard to find when hiring an in-house team. You can also free up time to focus on core business functions. Through allowing your managed network services provider to manage and negotiate your vendor contracts, you might also save money.

Yes, hiring a managed network services team can ensure you have the resources you need long-term. Whether you need to expand or limit the services you’re paying for, an outside provider can help you no matter what assistance you need.

Our dedicated team of network specialists are there when you need us and are all stationed right here in the U.S. We take time to explain things to you and look for proactive ways to protect your network and keep your business running smoothly.

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