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Expert compliance review and configuration for encrypted email.

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HIPAA Compliant

The fine for even a minor HIPAA violation is crippling. It’s an expense no medical office can afford, which is why we offer our services to ensure your email is secure and properly encrypted. One wrong move in setup could lead to hefty fines later on, and that simply isn’t worth the risk.

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Full Review for Google and Microsoft Email

While Microsoft and Google email services have the full capability to be encrypted, very few medical offices complete all the necessary due diligence for ensuring total compliance. That’s why our team undergoes extensive HIPAA training to help you ensure total compliance.

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AOP’s Secure Email Service

For our Managed IT customers, we've built a compliant encrypted email program. If an employee tries to reach email through an unencrypted environment, AOP mail automatically kicks them over to an encrypted network. Talk to your AOP representative about how you can add AOP’s secure email.




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What makes AOP unique

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Encryption You Can Trust

Because HIPAA is so complex, few IT companies offer secure email services. But thanks to our extensive HIPAA training and in-depth understanding of Google and Microsoft email programs, we can confidently say you’re in compliance when you work with AOP for email configuration.

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Backed by a Team of Compliance Attorneys

We take HIPAA so seriously that we have a team of HIPAA compliance attorneys who review our programs and practices. And since we know how crucial HIPAA compliance is for you, we provide access to these attorneys for our customers. So don’t take our word for how encrypted and secure your email is. Trust the attorneys.

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Experts with Extensive HIPAA Training

Why would a bunch of nerds want to study HIPAA? Well, we saw a need in the industry for knowledgeable IT professionals to have in-depth knowledge of the law. We take our advice from HIPAA compliance lawyers but we had to know how to execute that advice, which is the reason behind our extensive training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aggressively recruit and hire the most-talented IT engineers, service and support staff. Below, you will find common questions and answers related to our offering.

Secure email encrypts your digital communications sent via email. It scrambles the data from your messages, making it difficult for hackers or individuals with malicious intent to get ahold of your data and use it for unethical purposes. The encryption of your emails and then decryption so that you’re able to read it happens in the background without you even knowing it. Effective secure email is just as fast and as simple as any other email communication.

Not necessarily. The setup process for any form of secure email is complicated, and one missed step could mean your email data is not secure. And the difficult part about it is, you might think your email is secure because you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that it is. AOP will evaluate your email setup and ensure that your email messages are encrypted to protect your organization.

Only a few email services are HIPAA compliant. That’s why we work primarily with Microsoft and Google because they have the capability to be HIPAA compliant. And for our Managed IT customers, we offer AOP secure email. We host AOP mail on encrypted and secure servers and make it impossible for your team to view or respond to emails from any device securely.

Many factors contribute to whether or not your email is secure. You can configure your email perfectly but then a computer accessing that email from a home network could leave you vulnerable. To ensure your email is completely secure, we need to look at your network setup and security practices beyond your email provider and set up.

Yes, we make your email security work hard for you in the background but your employees won't necessarily see a difference. They'll send and receive an email as they normally would; we'll just be ensuring the email's encryption on the backend. Our secure email encrypts and decrypts the messages fast and in the background so you don’t have to worry about your team completing added steps to protect your data.

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