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What a Business Can Expect When Migrating to the Cloud

Brandon Greene
Posted by Brandon Greene on Nov 23, 2020 2:06:00 PM

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Migrating to the cloud is the ultimate way to improve digitization for businesses of all sizes. By moving your digital operations to the cloud, you can benefit from faster speeds, better support, a more secure system, and increased reliability. You can also save a lot of money and time by moving to the cloud instead of relying on legacy infrastructure. If you have decided that it's time for your business to migrate to the cloud, cloud migration services can help make the process pain-free. Before making a move, it's essential to know what to expect and how your business will benefit.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

You should understand the benefits of moving to the cloud before deciding to carry it out for your business. Moving to cloud services means moving your digital operations away from on-premises or other legacy infrastructure to use the cloud’s modern solution. Your data will be hosted on servers elsewhere, enabling you to leave the maintenance, security, and other issues to their skilled team instead of managing everything yourself. It can save you a lot of money if your business migrates to the cloud, and it can boost the security and reliability of digital operations. Additionally, moving to the cloud is excellent for scaling your business and enabling your remote workforce.

Making the Right Choices for Cloud Services

If you want to migrate to the cloud, you need to make sure that you make the right choices regarding cloud services and cloud migration services. You might choose to plan and carry out the whole migration in-house, but it's helpful to have a cloud migration service on your side to make it easier. When you're looking for the right services, make sure you don't make it all about the price. Although saving money is a priority, the cheapest services available aren't necessarily the best. It's essential to define what you need from your cloud services so that you can find the right provider to meet your requirements.

Challenges Presented By Cloud Migration

Being prepared for the challenges presented by moving to the cloud is vital. It can be a complicated process, depending on your business’s size and the complexity of your digital operations and data. One of the most challenging tasks can be migrating large databases, especially regarding the accuracy of data. Additionally, service disruptions may be experienced when migrating to the cloud. It's essential to plan and ensure that these challenges can be navigated appropriately or avoided altogether.

Planning for Cloud Migration

There are several steps that you will need to take when planning your cloud migration. Your business will need to be organized to get everything done smoothly, from choosing a cloud services provider to ensuring that everything is secure.

Some of the things that you will need to do include:

  • Setting your goals - what do you want to achieve by moving to the cloud?
  • Choosing a cloud services provider
  • Building a security strategy
  • Moving data
  • Finalizing production in the cloud

Keeping Everything Secure

Maintaining security is crucial when you're moving to the cloud. Businesses that have chosen to migrate to the cloud can expect to have to create a security strategy to follow to make sure that data remains secure at all times when being moved from on-premises to the cloud. Your cloud services provider can help with implementing strong security measures so that security can be maintained throughout the entire process. Being in close contact with your provider at all times will make it easier to keep things secure and protect your data.

Cloud Migration Costs

It's important for businesses to be prepared for the costs associated with moving to the cloud. You could come up against some surprise expenses if you don't plan your migration well. You can expect to have to deal with costs related to both your new cloud services provider and getting your data from your on-premises servers to the cloud. While many businesses can expect to save money, especially in the long-term, you need to be aware of the costs, from using physical hardware to move large databases to the cloud to the cost of any service disruptions that your business might experience.

Help from Your Cloud Hosting

The best way to make sure that your cloud migration goes well is to collaborate with your cloud services provider. They can help you with migration and get you up and running with your new cloud services. You can work with them to decide the best way to move your data and how to keep everything secure. Your cloud services provider should be happy to explain how everything works and what you need to do to complete your cloud migration. If they're not helpful, you might want to switch to another provider to find one that you are happy with.

Achieve Automation

When your business moves to the cloud, it's much easier to automate everything. You can improve your digital operations through the automation of a variety of important processes. Your cloud services can maintain themselves, with automatic updates helping to keep everything running and ensuring security. Governance can be automated too so that the use of cloud services can be monitored and managed more easily, saving time and giving you more control.

Get the Ability to Optimize

With your digital operations migrated to the cloud, your business can begin to optimize how you use your cloud services. As your business grows, cloud services are easy to scale along with it, giving you all of the functionality that you need to get things done and keep growing. Your cloud services provider can help you to get more from the cloud by assisting you with refining how you use it and helping you stay up to date.

Looking for Managed Services?

At AOP, we can help you with your cloud migration and ensure you're getting as much from the cloud as you can. Schedule a free consultation to find out about our managed services and so much more.

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Brandon Greene

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